Silence Of The Ma’ams

  Pav lay motionless, temperatures dropping. Cacooned in a warm, leafy hideout on the Russian front, the twenty-four-year-old soldier held the rifle steady. Green eyes kept cross-hairs on a tight area surrounding a Nazi sniper, a hundred yards away. With branches whispering in the wind, the enemy’s helmet flashed a ray in the sun. An… Continue reading Silence Of The Ma’ams

The Diggers

Twenty five sweaty bodies moved with precision below the surface of the earth, digging, swinging pick axes, shovelling dirt into bins, and dragging them along a pulley system that stretched 256 feet. For three months, they tunnelled, grunted, excavated. In one last attack, they blasted through three feet of steel and cement. In the early… Continue reading The Diggers